PLEASE NOTE: we're experiencing high demand at the moment. Currently it's drop-off by appointment only, no call outs. Please email or text ensure a prompt response
Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme

Know Your Bike!

One-to-One sessions from mid-August

Here's what people are saying about Know Your Bike!

"Margaret's courses are not to missed. Plenty to do, hands on but relaxed and I learned so much!"


"Thanks very much Margaret! I've learnt so much over the weekend! Great course and I recommend it to everyone who cycled!!"

"Thank you so much for the course! It was most helpful and has given me some understanding of the mechanics of my bike"

Are you too busy to get to a bike shop?


Does your bike need to be seen quickly?


Call out to: E4, E5, E10, E11, E17, E20, N15, N16, N17, N18 and other locations on request.


You are also welcome to drop-off your bike at my home workshop.


What I do

I offer a full range of mobile bike repair and maintenance services in and around Walthamstow, north-east London.


My services are designed to keep your bicycle safe, roadworthy and ready to use.  I’m happy to help with all types of bike repair including punctures, brakes, chains, gears, and general maintenance to keep you on the road and avoid future problems. 


I’ll arrive on my cargo bike, carrying my own tools and the most commonly used replacement parts. 


Bikes that cannot be repaired as part of the mobile service can be dropped-off at my workshop.


I can build you a new set of wheels or a complete bike to your specifications and if you'd like to learn how it's done I offer service and learn and puncture repair and learn.


What I'm Not

A bike shop. However, if in the course of a service you need or decide you would like new components these can be supplied.


Contact Margaret
07834 896442 (Text Only)

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